Free video resources for your WordPress blog and website

A couple of months ago, I made a post that lists some of the greatest sites that offer free photos you can use on your site without having to worry about their copyright.

Now it’s time for you to know where you can find free videos as well. As today’s websites tend to be more and more based on multimedia files, it’s good to have your own video “stash” somewhere, just in case.

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3 websites WordPress is not very good at

WordPress is a large and feature-rich content management system and you can build everything you want with it. Even though it excels at so many things – that’s why it’s the best CMS on the planet these days and it always was – it has its own weaknesses. As everyone and everything does.

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What are the main 5 websites you can build with WordPress?

If you ask me, I think you can build any type of website with WordPress. I’ve seen so many tools, plugins, themes, improvements, add-ons, and lots of other things that can totally transform your basic site into something that can become an essential pylon in your career.

But there are only 5 websites that are most used by people. The 5 that are the most popular and make WordPress the best CMS today and for a long time from now. If not forever. Continue reading

Why you should always update WordPress

Last month, I collected some of the most recent WordPress statistics and, among the amazing numbers I found, I was also negatively surprised about something: only 22% of WordPress sites are up to date.

I have to admit that I didn’t expect to read this. I know that the most people using WordPress are just regular users and they are probably not aware of how important the updates are, but I was still surprised.

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How to embed stuff in WordPress, part 2

Yesterday, I made a selection of the most popular things people use to embed to their WordPress sites. Of course, I chose the most popular social media networks, video and audio files, documents, and Google maps.

Now, let’s try to embed other not-so-popular but useful things for various purposes. Ones like code blocks, content from your own site, and content from other sites.

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How to embed any kind of stuff in WordPress

I’m not sure if you’re aware that you can add kind of everything to your WordPress site. No matter if we talk about social media, videos, tweets, documents, audio, or maps.

This way, you can keep your readers connected to your content and offer them interactive and great visual elements. These make a post more readable than if it were simple, without any additional stuff that entertains people.

Also, if you need to show something to someone, you can just get the specific part from wherever it is and place it on your site.

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How to create an online store with WordPress

Online stores are becoming increasingly popular every day as most of the people are rarely getting out of their comfort zone. We’re living in speedy times, so each thing that can help us save precious moments is very important.

Most of the people won’t go outside to buy something when they can simply enter a specific site, look for what they need, and instantly order it in a few clicks.

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