I wrote a month ago about SEMdays, an important international conference for marketing and SEO, that will take place in Bucharest this September.

Well, the event took place at Baneasa Grand Cinema last week and I really want to write down my excitement related to it. 18 great speakers attended the conference and it was a total success. At least from my point of view.

Let me take it step by step.

the payment scare

I needed weeks to “convince” the girls in the organizational staff that I actually paid the tickets and I should be allowed to come to the conference. But they insisted that they didn’t receive anything and I should make the payment as soon as possible to have access at the event. I sent them a couple of emails in which I explained everything step by step, how and when I paid, on what name the registration was made, etc.

Actually ThemeIsle paid for me and my colleague, Marius. It was a lot of struggle until they confirmed our places there.

At some point, I was like “Ok, it looks like I won’t go. So what?”

Of course, before the “checkpoint”, I told my colleague that I feel like they won’t recognize our names. And I was right. We were not in the database, hence we had no dedicated badges. But at least they let us in.

What a relief!

great atmosphere, friendly people

The “coffee breaks”, as the organizers called them, were very enjoyable and brought together all the participants. You could chat with everyone, everyone was open to talking to you. Even the speakers. They didn’t have a special place to stay during the pauses. They just came along with the participants and were happy to answer your questions and to treat you like their friend. They were not busy with doing anything else but to interact with the people that came there mostly for them.

Although it’s likely that some came for the food. And coffee.

By the way, you could drink as much coffee, water, and juices as you wanted and eat as mush as your stomach could handle. Well, I even took nice photos at Photo Booth area.


Such a shame the text is not very visible.

the speakers rocked the stage

Most of the speakers came from UK. They were all great and had great presentations. I really learned useful things from them. I found out lots of things I didn’t know before and that I’m planning to apply in the future.

We had fun, we laughed, we listened, we took notes, we asked questions, we received answers and chocolates. Well, yes! Chocolates, my friends.

Since I mentioned about chocolates, let’s start with Judith Lewis. She’s from Canada and she gave us chocolates. She owns a blog about chocolate (an entire chocolate empire, just imagine it) and… she’s crazy. I thought Hannah Smith was crazy until I saw Judith. Crazy as f**k. In an awesome way. I laughed my pants off, she knows how to make you listen. Well, this is what I call charisma.

By the way, she liked Bucharest, especially this:

tree bike zone

Dan Blaser, ink361.com

Her main purpose in life is building links and she never stops doing it. She’s building links even when she’s sleeping. I’m not joking.

And she’s crazy, did I mention that? 🙂 Thanks for your stand-up comedy at SEMdays, Judith.

Matt Beswick… Well, Matt Beswick was awesome too. And he’s a geek. But guess what? A geek who knows how to make great content and how to keep the audience awake during a presentation. What a figure, mates! He came with an awesome and interactive presentation about creating content and I was all smiles during his “show program”. Everybody was. He told us how much he hates to find bad content (or infographics :trollface:) on the internet.


He’s pretty creative for a geek.

I only have one regret: I couldn’t see him the next day because he switched places with Pete Campbell and when I arrived, well… I missed him. I really wanted to see him again. But maybe I’ll have another occasion.

Pete Campbell was great as well, I found out some useful stuff from him and I took interesting notes during his presentation. I’m glad I had the opportunity to see his speech. GG, Pete!

Kaspar Szymanski, clever guy. He worked at Google and brought us useful information about how to make your website rank higher in search engines. Great speech, elegant appearance, and a very professional approach of the topic. The next day he hosted a Q&A session that lasted a lot because people seemed to never get enough of asking him questions.

Friendly and clever guy! He also came with a nice arsenal of fine jokes that people tasted very well. I won’t miss a new opportunity to assist to another presentation of his. Or at least I’ll try.

Hannah Smith. Whoever said women are not crazy, they should have seen Hannah. And Judith, of course. Hannah talks too much and she’s amazing. She has such a great personality and she’s friendly to everyone. What a happy and full of energy person. I mean it, I wish I was like her.

I couldn’t watch all the presentations and all the speakers, but these were the highlights of the event. At least for me. Of course, it is a personal thing, but these guys were awesome.

All the speakers were great, but there are always some excerpts in a book that you will always keep in mind.

missed the party, what a shame 😦

I didn’t go to the party. Why? Because I was stupid. And lazy. Now I’m very sorry I didn’t go. Although all the speakers insisted to us “come to the party, we’ve heard you people don’t really like to party, we’ll be waiting for you tomorrow night at the party, we’ll be there too”, I didn’t go. My loss.

And I told myself that I won’t miss the next one. Not if the speakers are as awesome as the ones from SEMdays.

A little bird whispered to me that they had pizza. And they danced. And they talked and had fun. Well, me too at my home. :))

I can’t wait to see these guys again. You have my word.

featured image: grandentertainment.ro

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