Technology is evolution, our evolution. It feels good to find shortcuts in everything you’re doing and to finish your job way faster due to the latest softwares that guide you to the final point. But between using it and abusing it is a big difference…

(the letters ab)

Everywhere I go, I see people focused on their smartphones, engaged with their tablets or working on their laptops. I see people hanging out… but chatting on Whatsapp. Because the reality is not interesting enough. I see people forgetting how it is to go for a walk… outside. Breathing the fresh air and admiring the simple things from around us.  Soon, we’ll call the people who still do that old-fashioned.

we misunderstood the technology’s role

technology field

Technology is good. It makes our lives a lot easier. Maybe too easy, I’d say. Sometimes, people need real challenges to developing themselves. You’ll feel complete and competent only when you realize something by your own forces and not by being entirely helped by a machine. Anyway.

I’m not saying I would quit technology if I’d have the chance. Never. It is already a part of our lives and we should be glad we reached such a high level of intelligence that can provide us almost anything we need in a few clicks and with a minimum of effort. I appreciate and respect people we offered us all these facilities.


Every time I’m asked what technology has brought to us, to the humanity, I tend to say shallowness and a big lack of responsibility. It took our personal values and the will of being human.

People are now more engaged with their social media channels than with their real lives. They live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (I don’t even know too many of these) instead of the outside world.

Technology has one role: to ease our careers and our daily routines and chores. But we kind of mistook it for life itself.  Technology should be an addition to our life, not the life itself. 


Sounds familiar?

use it wisely. do not depend on it

I know it’s addictive. I know you can’t live without your phone and without opening Facebook at least 10 times a day, can you? And I know you can’t live without checking your notifications regularly… like every 10 minutes. Have you ever tried not to? Have you tried to do something else instead?

I bet you have hobbies. Everybody should have. Or at least you had before you got too busy with your job and your daily boring routines that never actually satisfy you enough or make you happy somehow. And with wasting time connecting your life to wi-fi. When was the last time you did something relaxing, enjoyable, fun, healthy?

When was the last time you turned every device off and spent a few days away, enjoying your life?

no wi fi

Been there. Found that. 🙂 As much as I can.

Hint: it works. It keeps you human.

live under a balanced schedule

I know we all work with technology. These days you can even starve without having an internet connection. This is where all the greatest and important things happen. By the way, I don’t agree with that. 

I agree that using it at work is vital. The internet brings you the profit, it’s the money-making machine.  But what about leaving it apart after you’ve done your job? Internet should be information, not a waste of time and a way to spend your life. Organize a schedule that can combine life and technology so that you can be happy and fulfilled and also check these two important pylons: work  – or productivity (call it the way you want) – and free time.

It’s not healthy – for either your brain or for your happiness – to let all this overwhelming technology dominate your actions and change the way you truly are.

tv outside

in the end…

The issue here is that technology is no longer a tool to an easier and faster way of solving things that would normally cause us stress and trouble. People became its slaves and I can’t see a cure that can make them give up on it. Technology can provide a cure for many things but not for itself.

Technology came at a point when everybody is totally relying on it. But what if one day all the “systems” fail? Could you survive? 

4 thoughts on “Is excessive technology stealing our lives?

  1. This one I will remember – “Technology can provide a cure for many things but not for itself.”

    It seems to me technology is like antibiotics – the more you use them, the more you need to use them. Not a happy end scenario.

    So, you need to stop as early as possible. Hopefully your article will make people (me) realize this sooner than later and for that, I thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, Dragan! I’m happy to see somebody else is also aware of this serious problem people have.

    You’re right, that’s why I try to avoid medicines as much as I can, seriously. :)) Technology seems to work in a similar way.

    Thanks for stepping by. 🙂


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