If you ask me, I think you can build any type of website with WordPress. I’ve seen so many tools, plugins, themes, improvements, add-ons, and lots of other things that can totally transform your basic site into something that can become an essential pylon in your career.

But there are only 5 websites that are most used by people. The 5 that are the most popular and make WordPress the best CMS today and for a long time from now. If not forever.



This is how WordPress started. And this is how it evolved into a complex platform. Most people use it for blogging and photoblogging. And the curious part is that only a few of these people know WordPress can be as well used for so many other purposes.

But blogs are awesome indeed and having one is just two or three clicks away. If you want to transform your blog into a brand, then there are a couple of extra steps you need to take to have it personalized and ready to rock.

Until then, keep wordpressing!


Lots of firms, agencies, corporations in all the working fields use WordPress to promote their businesses. IBM, Samsung, Mashable, LinkedIn, Star Wars, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Nikon, NASA, Coca-Cola are JUST A FEW of the extremely famous names that operate with WordPress.

star wars

But the way, a new Star Wars movie will be out at the end of the year. Can’t wait for it!

Aroused your curiosity? You can now start to erase the WordPress-as-a-blogging-platform idea from your head. WordPress is way more interesting than you thought.

Still not interesting enough?

Press and media

I could list a couple of the best newspapers and magazines from all around the globe again, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary. You’re probably already convinced about how much WordPress can do.


I bet you have accessed Reuters at least once in your life. 

Anyway, news websites, magazines, and newspapers are also ones of the most popular WordPress sites in the world. Here in Romania, all the press websites are supported by WordPress. At least, as far as I know from my own experience and from my friends who work in media.

Here, you can rarely hear about another online platform than WordPress.


WordPress online stores became very popular since WooCommerce plugin was developed by WooThemes. With time, WordPress started to be a rough opponent in the e-commerce space, as it now competes with the best online specialized platforms in this field.

Planning to launch an online shop soon? You should consider WordPress as being a solid option for it. And if you already have a website built on WordPress, then you only need to download and install the free plugin and make the required customizations for a suitable shop.

Get ready to sell your best products with WordPress!


Photography and portfolio websites

Portfolios are a really necessary section nowadays as increasingly more people use the internet to find jobs and to promote their projects and works. Uploading your CV and your portfolio on your site will significantly grow your chances to be remarked by the targeted employers.

I put photography in the same category because a large number of portfolios contains photo galleries. There are lots of professional and amateur photographers who showcase their best images on blogs or portfolio websites.

So photographers are ones of the most loyal WordPress clients. Lots of portfolios are photographers’ creations. And WordPress offers a big amount of resources that can present your photos in beautiful and original ways – starting with themes and plugins.

christopher reuter

Just free your creativity and something amazing will happen.


In this article, I just made a tight selection of the most used WordPress websites, but you have to know that you can use our CMS for almost anything.

I mean it. Whatever you have in mind, just ask for it and start to make some research about what you need to do to have your site ready.

The internet is full of free and paid WordPress resources. Don’t hesitate to transform your website into something you’ve dreamt of for a long time.

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