Yesterday, I made a selection of the most popular things people use to embed to their WordPress sites. Of course, I chose the most popular social media networks, video and audio files, documents, and Google maps.

Now, let’s try to embed other not-so-popular but useful things for various purposes. Ones like code blocks, content from your own site, and content from other sites.


code blocks

Even if there are lots of people who don’t know how to code – and I’m one of them – we should admit that WordPress and coders still make a better love story than Twilight.

That’s why I find it fair to mention about embedding the code in WordPress as well. There are two simple methods for doing that.

  1. Go to the post or page you want to embed the code in. Switch to Text editor and write the specific code in between <pre><code> </code></pre>. Your code will be quickly embedded.
  2. There’s a plugin method as well. I’m talking about SyntaxHighlighter Evolved. Download and install the plugin and then go to the post/page you want to embed the code in. Now, simply write your code in between [css] [/css] and publish it. To make any changes or adjustments, go to the plugin’s settings and choose your options.


content from your own site 

The plugin method strikes again. These guys really build plugins for EVERYTHING. Literally everything.

This time, Insert Pages is the main character.

Download and install it. Go to the place where you want to embed another page or another post of yours. In the text editor, you’ll find a new button called Insert Pages (it’s the last from the first row of tools).

Click on it and a new window will appear. Select the page or post you want to embed, make the other changes that show up in the window, and click on Insert.

Now, you’ll have a “postception” or a “pageception” on your site. Like a boss!


content from other sites

Relax, you don’t have to install any plugins this time. But you have to go to, which is not a plugin, it’s just a page that helps you to quickly embed content from the others.

Okay, so go to, click on Create Embed button in the homepage header, and paste the URL in the URL field. Click on Embed and get the embed code that will appear there. Paste it to your page/post and see how it looks like.

There’s another simple and quick method for embedding content from other sites. Simply go to the page or post where you want to insert the excerpt and switch to the Text tab. Paste the specific URL in between <iframe> tags.


end of the embedding process

That’s kind of all with the embeds. I hope I covered what was most important and most likely to be embedded. If there’s something else I missed, let me know.

If I will remember something else as useful as the ones above, I will come back with the 3rd part. 🙂

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