I’m not sure if you’re aware that you can add kind of everything to your WordPress site. No matter if we talk about social media, videos, tweets, documents, audio, or maps.

This way, you can keep your readers connected to your content and offer them interactive and great visual elements. These make a post more readable than if it were simple, without any additional stuff that entertains people.

Also, if you need to show something to someone, you can just get the specific part from wherever it is and place it on your site.

In this article, I’ll show you how to embed various things on your WordPress site, which will make it more attractive and enjoyable.

Let’s start embedding things! This is so exciting, ha ha!


social media – tweets and posts

I’ll just go with the most popular social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

To embed a tweet in a WordPress page is way too simple. Copy and paste the tweet’s link and it will appear exactly how it appears in Twitter’s feed.

It works the same with Instagram. 

Also, you can click on “More” button below the tweet and then on “Copy link to Tweet”. Paste it where you want to show it and that’s it.


So it’s THAT simple with Twitter.

What about Facebook? It takes a little bit more than Twitter. You need to install Facebook plugin to be able to embed Facebook posts, images, and so on. With Facebook plugin installed, you can just copy and paste the links to your page or post and the embeds will show up there.

There’s another method that takes even more than the first one. You need to install Jetpack plugin, copy and paste Facebook links to your posts and click on the “Activate” button in the plugin’s Settings ->> Shortcodes embeds.

To embed a Pinterest board, copy the link in the Pinterest Widget Builder, select the sizes, click on “Build It”, and copy the link to your WordPress post. Make sure you are in the Text editor because only then it will work.

This is what some people say. Because I just copied one of my almost-never-used Pinterest boards’ URL and… it god embedded! What kind of sorcery is this?



This is just too easy to make a whole own category, but I think it’s worth to be mentioned after all. To embed ANY video in WordPress, you just have to copy and paste the link to your post/page and the videos will appear exactly how you want them to appear.

It works the same for all the popular video websites: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, WordPress.tv, Flickr, Vine, etc.

I made a test copying whatever I had running on YouTube and, surprise, it works!


audio files

Let’s move on to audio stuff. Music and stuff perhaps.

  1. If you want to embed audio files right from a certain website, then simply copy and paste their links to the page/post you want them to appear and that’s all.
  2. If you want to add them from your computer, go to the post you want to add them to, click on “Add Media” on the top of the editor, and upload them. After uploading them, select the files, scroll down to Attachment Display Settings and for “Embed or Link” menu select “Embed Media Player”.

Now you can let your visitors easily listen to what you have to say/sing/show to them.



There are two ways to embed Google maps in WordPress. The easiest one works without plugins. The second – yes, you guessed well – works with plugins.

To embed without any plugins, go to the map, and click on the menu button situated in the top-left corner of the page and select “Share or embed map”.


Make sure to switch to the Text tab when you save or publish the post. Only this way the embed link will show up properly.

Let’s stick with the “without-plugins” method only. I think it’s efficient enough. There are anyway too many things to do only with plugins.

Okay, you win. I’m actually too lazy to talk about the plugin method. But the one above should be helpful enough. 



  1. If you want to embed documents from your computer – PDF, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, etc., install Google Doc Embedder. The next step is to go to Dashboard ->> Media ->> Add Media and upload the specific file. Copy the URL and go to the post you want to embed it in. Click then on Google Doc Embedder icon from the editor and paste the document link to the URL field.
  2. Another way to embed a Google document is to open it and click on File ->> Publish to the Web ->> Publish. Click on “Embed”, copy and paste the link wherever you want.
  3. For documents that already exist online – Scribd, SlideShare, PollDaddy, Issuu – just copy and paste their links and they will get embedded automatically.


that’s it for today

That would be all. I hope your website looks better now with these catchy embeds. Still, don’t get too excited and do not make abuse of them. Don’t make your readers get lost among a too cluttered, animated, and tiring content.

Use them with limitation and only when the context requires it. 

By the way, if you need more, there’s a second part with how to embed other cool stuff in WordPress.

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