What are the best ways to improve your blog?

I launched this blog two weeks ago, but I still use it just for practice and I never thought of promoting it or using it for other purposes. I keep this blog alive only for exercising and improving my writing skills and also for helping me to coordinate myself better. For instance, respecting a certain schedule and turning this work into a daily routine and making it an essential part of my life.

But I’ll probably start to promote it a bit in the near future, why not? What’s the fun in just writing for yourself without having any readers?

I’m always telling myself that I should make it public or share the articles and so on. But I end up leaving this job for the next day. And the next day I say the same thing.

What should you do to improve and promote your blog?

If you’re in the same situation or you want to have a better blogging experience, you have to take some easy steps that will surely improve your blog and will bring the readers as well.

Use the social networks

I know it sounds too obvious and you probably already know this as we live in the social media era, but only sharing your content constantly on numerous social networks will bring you a few readers in the beginning and more and more with time.

By the way, when sharing your content be careful to write an incentive summary paragraph that plays the role of an advertiser. Convince people your story is worth reading. Use catchy words.

Personalize your blog

Picking a random look and layout or letting it the way it was when you created it won’t help at all. The visual elements are often the key to a successful site. People are attracted by original designs, sections, images, layouts, and templates. This thing will do the difference most of the time. The personal note, the catchy and interactive design, and the quality of the content are the keys for a brilliant blog.


Don’t publish any post without completing the SEO fields. It’s very important to never forget about this aspect. Only this way your posts can be tracked and found when someone is looking for a certain topic on the search engines. Carefully use the right keywords and try to put yourself in your readers’ place. How would they search for this topic? What words would they use?

Write constantly

As I said earlier, do it a habit! Try to make blog posts an important part of your life, like eating or sleeping. Try to make time for writing something daily. People appreciate your engagement and your efforts to be better every day. Also, they will surely appreciate that you always bring them something new and useful to read.

By writing constantly, you show them that you care about your blog and its growth. Also, the continuous update helps you again so the search engines will easily find your site.

Come with your own ideas and with on original style

The more unique your posts are, the more people will come on your blog. I’m talking about both the content and the way you expose it. It’s not enough to just write some original lines if you can’t find the magic formula to catch your readers’ attention. The way you’re telling something makes the difference. Some people say big things in a poor manner and some say poor things in a big manner. The latter will win.

Talk about yourself

Give people the chance to know you better. So they can consider you as being their friend. People always react when they find interesting and challenging things about the others. And mostly when they find themselves in your writings. This is how loyalty and strong connections are born.

Write something catchy about you and your passions in About me section. It’s very important to tell the others who you are and why you write on this blog. Talk to them like you talk with your best friend. This will create a personal connection between you and them.

Interact with other bloggers

I bet you read a lot of other blogs, so why not interact with their owners? Comment, share, link to their articles. This is how you can redirect their attention to your blog. And this is how you start to get known in your area. Show everybody that you are interested in they work and in improving your site and skills.

People always appreciate the passionate and the enthusiasts. Make friends.

Bring true facts

Unless it’s your own opinion, try to focus on bringing true facts. Never distort the truth and the real facts. Try to make in-depths research until you come with relevant things. If you don’t know something for sure about a certain aspect, don’t talk about it. Or at least mention that you will come back with real facts and for now you’re just presenting a theory or an opinion Trying to stay objective will increase your readers’ credibility. This is how they will truly respect your work and will follow your advice.

Also, they will recommend you as a trustworthy person.

These are the main steps that you should try to reach little by little for growing your blog and making it a corner stone for your readers. The place where they come when they need help or when they need to interact with a good friend. 

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