There are days when nothing interesting comes to your mind, despite all the efforts to find a keyword or something to cling to. What do you do in this case? There are three options:

  1. Skip today’s article hoping that tomorrow you’ll have better inspiration. If you do that, then you’d better come with something damn good the next day.
  2. Write about your lack of ideas and give others some advice based on that. This is exactly what I’m gonna do now. But you have only one shot. Next time when you’re in the same situation, you screwed it. You can’t just write hundreds of posts about how you can’t come with a brilliant idea.
  3. Do whatever it takes to pull a rabbit out of the hat or just try to “force” an idea and do something nice with it.

For today, I decided to apply the second option. Laziness vs Me =>> 1-0.


what to do to always have good ideas for a post?

If the practice suffers at the moment, at least let’s be theoretical. Well, there are some points where you can start from:

  • You probably have lots of unanswered questions related to a topic. And if you do, be sure you’re not the only one. Put these questions on the table and look for answers. I did the same when I wrote about how to find out if a site uses WordPress platform. Or what a WordPress framework is. Try to satisfy your own curiosity first and you’ll surely satisfy others’ at the same time too. There are lots of people who would like to know exactly the same thing as you do.


  • If you have lately noticed a trend or a certain story that became very popular and (maybe) controversial, write some lines about it. People are really into spicy posts, especially when they are part of the trending news.
  • If you noticed that there is a substantial number of people asking for clarification on a specific thing, make some research and explain how that thing works and offer them the answers. Or at least suggest them something. Coming with a solution is always a solution.
  • Make reviews. If something really impressed you, tell the others. Same if something disappointed you very badly. People like critical comments. The ones who agree with you will probably come back to hear your future opinions and the ones who don’t will surely feel free to start a little revolution. Arousing reactions, that’s what you want.
  • Don’t get stuck in complicated topics. Sometimes, looking for big stories makes you omit the simple ones, those that really matter for the people. Make time to write about basic things, even if they seem too obvious to you. Not all the people know what you know.
  • Make lists. Just like I did now. Give advice for every item. Write book, movie, or products recommendations, for instance. People like to read what others think about something before they buy it or waste their time on it.

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  • Describe unique experiences. People are dying to find out new things, places, events, experiences, or curious facts they can add to their agenda. Some people may get scared of having new and strange activities, but the right words and your personal experience can make them change their mind.


you can actually write about everything

Of course, you can write about everything you want and you don’t necessarily have to respect any rules. But these are just some inspirational steps where you can start from. At least, these are the ones that came to my mind at this very moment.

Of course, you can write novel chapters, portraits, lyrics, and so on. You can write for a niche or for all the people in general. The most important thing is to do it with pleasure.

Find a sensitive thread and don’t let it go. This is how big stories start.

I had no idea what to write today and I thought that writing about my lack of ideas could make a helpful post. And I believe it’s something useful, even if it started from nothing.

Because the thing is that the best stories usually come from nothing.


Images provided by the masters from Unsplash

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