How to Easily Find The Best Free WordPress Themes and Plugins

I know people usually search for themes, plugins, and tools right on the official websites of the authors and on the WordPress blogs lists. The most popular sources are probably directory, ThemeForest, and authors’ official pages. Let alone the popular blogs that recommend them.

But I’m offering you an alternative: two great unofficial websites that stock amazing resources of WordPress plugins and themes. The awesome thing about them is that you won’t have to ask Google for anything.

These sites regularly collect the best products and put them together so you can find them very quickly.

I’m talking about JustFreeThemes and WP Plugin Directory. As you probably noticed from their name, the first one brings an amazing collection of the best FREE WordPress themes in the world, while the second one comes with the best free plugins, filtered by categories.




It’s a recent unofficial site that gathers only free WordPress themes. The nice thing about this site is that they don’t just take a random theme, put it here, and that’s all. They carefully select the best ones from the tons that are almost daily launched either on or on other various WordPress online shops. JustFreeThemes’ stock currently has more than 500 themes, grouped in 30 categories.

Besides, they review each theme by pointing out its design, speed, support, code quality, and customization. Also, they’re adding ratings and descriptions for each one. And of course, the download link is not missing. I mean, they don’t redirect you to the theme’s official page, but they’re offering you the possibility to download it right away. Simple and fast.

Another interesting thing is that all the themes are filtered by categories. For instance, if you’re looking for a portfolio theme, or you want exclusively to have a parallax scrolling, then click on that certain category and all the themes that carry all these features will be listed.

I was talking all along about “they”. But in fact, there’s just one guy who does the whole job. His name is Madalin Milea. Let’s say thanks to him for doing all the hard work for us.

Your time is safe now. You have one guy who does the search, the reviews, the posts, and all you have to do is to enter the site and pick the theme you like.

I almost forgot to mention: you can vote and rate the themes yourself!


WP Plugin Directory


Another interesting site I kept in mind since I discovered it last month. It’s another big collection, this time with free plugins. It has a big plus: a very user-friendly interface. You could spend hours here looking for plugins and yet not getting bored. This unofficial directory has nothing more and nothing less than 2647 plugins from all the categories.

Well, I made you curious a bit, didn’t I?

All these plugins are filtered by categories and even more, they can be sorted by their popularity, the date they were added on the site, their last update, their votes and rates and so on.

There are 22 categories of plugins. So trust me, no matter why and what you need it for, you’ll just find the proper one here.

WP Plugin Directory also offers advanced and detailed information about each plugin, including features, supported services, reviews, opinions and recommendations, and separately a box with the live stats. Again, you have the possibility to vote each plugin and contribute to the community with your opinion and experience.

These guys are really doing an effective and truly helpful job, aren’t they?


save them just in case

I personally believe that instead of looking all over the internet through maybe thousands of themes and plugins, you can just save your time by looking for them on sites that have them analyzed and thoroughly reviewed for you. So you can just go right for the one you need, without having to check too many sources.

Of course, these are just some suggestions and I really find them useful. I believe every regular WordPress user should be aware of their existence. Just in case.

They’re like the first aid kit. Feels good to have it because you don’t really know when you need it.

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