How do you know when a site is using WordPress?

This is a question I’ve been dealing with since I started working with WordPress. In the beginning, I thought it was just a matter of experience and knowledge, so I let it go for a couple of months. But the question came back to me earlier this month and I stuck with it.

There are a few methods through which you can find out what sites use WordPress. Ones are really simple and obvious (some that I couldn’t even think of) while others require a couple of extra steps.

It depends on how much information you need to know about a specific website. Here, I’m going to talk only about the short and hassle-free ones.

the fast methods

    • Scroll to the website’s footer and look for “Powered by WordPress” text. Even though not all the sites show that in their footer. Many of them won’t show it at all. But it’s the simplest method, you have nothing to lose if you take a look. This way, you can avoid the not-so-simple ways of finding out from the start.

      power wordpress

    • Try to login to your WordPress site as you normally do, by adding /wp-admin after the site’s URL. If it redirects you to the usual WordPress login page, then it means it uses the WordPress platform.
    • Another simple method is to add /readme.html right after your tested site’s URL. If you do that, you’ll quickly know what WordPress version the site is using and some other important information about the platform – how to install and update it, online resources, or system requirements.
    • There’s still an unofficial method, which seems to be fast and simple too. Click here and type the address you’re following. If it is built on WordPress, Is My Blog Working will generate lots of technical details about that specific site, including what WordPress version it’s running.

Bonus: BuiltWith is another cool tool that brings you all the relevant details about a WordPress website – what plugins, tools, and widgets uses for advertising, emails, e-commerce and so on.

Bonus 2: Also, if you are curious about what theme is active on a specific site, feel free to go here What WordPress Theme Is That? and you’ll be provided with the name of the theme and its authors.

the developer’s method

There are still other methods – a little more complicated, but not with much – that can help you to find out more about a certain site. Maybe you’re wondering why you’d need to choose these if there are lots of other simple and obvious solutions.

Actually, this method is mostly used by developers because it provides tons of technical details about a site. Details we, the regular users, don’t really care about.

But I think it’s always good to keep the ace up your sleeve in case everything else fails. Which isn’t likely, but backups are golden.

This is one of them.

Go to the website you want to analyze and look for Tools in your browser’s menu. Click on Developer Tools and look for wp-content.  You’ll read detailed info about plugins, theme, and other stuff the site is using.


Simply to apply, hard to process because the amount of code there is too damn high.

Now I’m not worried anymore that I can’t tell someone for sure if a specific website uses WordPress. These are just a few of the fastest methods that disclose a website’s back-end in just a few clicks.

How do YOU know when a site is built on WordPress? 

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